Are our CCTV and access control systems under attack?

Over the years CCTV, access control and many other physical security systems have changed significantly and now largely rely on a buildings network to function, therefore providing a new set of threats.

Cyber security is gradually increasing in its importance as technology advancements continue to mould our environment. When it comes to security systems, ensuring an organisations network is resilient will increase its reliability.

Many organisations are making changes internally to manage security incidents more effectively, however this is the minority of businesses.

As security experts, we believe in a holistic approach, there is a lot of data to be protected, combined with the exponential growth in the internet of things (IoT) which has significantly affected the physical security industry.

GDPR and privacy has had a large affect on physical security, it is important to work closely with all departments/individuals involved in security people, buildings and their data. It is very difficult to separate data, buildings and individuals now – as smart devices prove.

At Antron Security we stay abreast of all matters concerning the security systems we install and the infrastructure it sits within, so rest assured that working with us can significantly reduce your security risks and vulnerabilities.

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