Building security – Are you winter-ready?

The clocks will soon be going back and this brings along darker nights and an increase in burglaries of up to 20%. Businesses are not immune from this increase and in fact commercial properties are often more vulnerable that domestic properties.

Buildings that operate standard office hours will shortly be opening up and closing up in the darkness meaning it is dark outside during the entire period the building is unoccupied. This provides intruders with a larger window for opportunity.

Therefore, before the darker months arrive, it’s important for all businesses to ensure their security can protect their building from unwanted intruders. The following our list of measures you should consider.

Locking up the premises
Locking up a business premises is a large responsibility and the person tasked with this should have the appropriate training to do so properly. Human error could be the difference between an intruder entering your business premises and your building being 100% secure from unwanted visitors.

Burglar systems that are run using key fob/cards are best for accountability, especially if there are multiple people responsible for locking up the building. It will also help to highlight the individuals tasked with locking up who may require more guidance or training on securing the building.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to locking up is that your locks should be fit for purpose and your burglar alarm should be regularly maintained and tested.

It goes without saying, that lighting is the best way to combat darkness. Security lighting, sensor based or on a dusk till dawn basis will make it harder for a possible intruder to approach and enter your property undetected.

A CCTV system often acts as a deterrent to intruders, if your building has been compromised, footage from your CCTV can be used to identify the suspect as well as used as evidence. A CCTV system with infra-red night vision is useful for those who like to login via an online monitoring system and check what is going on at their premises.

Alarm Response
Do you have a plan in place for if your alarm system is triggered at night? Many businesses have opted for a monitored alarm where notifications go to an alarm response centre who would notify a nominated contact, the police or a response personnel – often a guard.

Business owners are under no legal obligation to have a response mechanism, however it is good practice to have something in place in the case that an alarm system is trigged. The most basic notification typically available is a dialler that would ring or text you in the event of an intrusion.

Secure your entry points
For your building to be secured at night, all entry points must be secured. Ideally, you’d have one or more people responsible for ensuring that entry points are adequately secured for when the building will be unoccupied.

A break in will always cost a business money, even if the intruders do not manage to take anything there could be damage to doors, windows, locks, shutters and disruptions to a business can be costly.

Before It’s too late, put together a security plan and ensure all those with a responsibility understand what is expected of them and how to carry it out.

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