Why consider a video door entry phone intercom system

A video door entry phone intercom systems is a great way to protect your business premises from unwanted visitors.

With large amounts of high value IT equipment, irreplaceable business collateral typically help in offices, business owners, facilities managers and building owners might consider an entry system to provide an extra layer of security for staff and visitors.

A video door entry phone intercom system provides an additional level of security

It’s not just big organisations that benefit from entry phone intercom systems, they also benefit small businesses as well as residential buildings.
In this day and age, you never know who could be at the door, perpetrators don’t often appear unfriendly so it’s important to be in the position to vet everybody at your door before letting them in.
A video door entry phone intercom system prevents uninvited situations, the door entry system allows you to request ID before an individual enters the building as well as ensure that the visitor is who they say they are.

Open the door without leaving your location with a video door entry phone intercom system

In addition to the security benefits, there is the added benefit of being able to answer the door without leaving your location.
You can choose the location of the answering station, allowing you to check who it is and answer without stopping what you are doing.
This is especially essential for busy reception staff who are typically multi-tasking and don’t have time to go up and down letting people in.
There are various types of door entry systems, based on the needs and budget of the organisation/individual in need.

The most popular door entry systems are:

• Video door entry phone intercom system
• Telephone door entry phone intercom system
• Key pad door entry system
• Buzzer front door entry system

All the door entry systems mentioned above have different features, however all work on the same access control basis. Whether you have a high-end door entry intercom system or a low end door entry intercom system, they all contain the buzzer that unlocks the door and lets your visitor in.

For more information on door entry phone intercom systems, call Antron on +44 (0)1923 855 006 or email info@antronsecurity.co.uk

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