Creating the right security culture within your organisation

Security culture has not kept pace with the threat landscape. A modern dependence on technology has ensured organisations and individuals know how crucial security is and how it must be embedded into an organisation, however a quick glance at the news will detail regular data breaches associated with an applications security vulnerability.

Here are a few tips to enhance security culture within your organisation and ensure that the actions of individuals do not lead to data vulnerabilities or breaches.

1. Educate everyone to understand that as a collective everybody in the organisation defines the security culture
2. Provide general and application security information where necessary
3. Create a Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) process that standardizes best practices across applications
4. Build a team of people responsible for different aspects of security, based on their role within the business and their security interest levels
5. Make security comprehensible and engaging

Every business has a security culture, whether good or bad, it does exist. Having a good security culture positively enhances an organisations approach to security and ultimately determines how vulnerable a business is to cyber threats.

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