Cyber and Security trends for 2018/19

Security technology requirements are constantly changing with the introduction of GDPR and high-profile incidents in the press. The liability costs of security breaches are growing, this means that cloud security expectations have changed due to the benefits offered by cloud-based systems. Clients now expect a system that comes complete with full API integration into a larger ecosystem.

See below for our short list of expected/proposed topics for the boardroom over the next 12 months:

1. Decision makers and senior executives are finally paying attention to security threats, and security professionals will need to propose security needs and responses in terms of business risks
2. Governments are ramping up laws and regulations surrounding data protection leading to organisations seeking solutions from IT security companies
3. Security products are making a move to the cloud and becoming more agile in the process due to the flexibility and efficiency benefits
4. Machine learning is providing value to simple everyday tasks as well as complex analysis

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