Your guide to the best access control entry system for your environment

Workplace security should be a top priority as it helps reduce the threat of damage, threat, crimes other security breaches to a business. When these unforeseen, unpredictable circumstances take place, it often costs a business in time and money, which can affect an organisations productivity.

A Poneman study from 2014 put a cost of $3.5bn on corporate data breach per annum. The full list provides an extensive list of negative statistics behind the security industry.

Therefore, in an attempt to secure a business from such things, a combination of security solutions should be adopted, with access control entry systems being at the forefront of it all.

Access Control is a security method used to manage who can gain access or make use of your facilities or resources. There are 2 types of access control entry systems, physical and logical.
Physical access control restricts a user’s access to rooms, sites, premises, locations etc whilst logical access control restricts access or connections to virtual systems such as networks, computers, systems etc.

With information such as biometric scans, magnetic cards, passwords, fobs, and more, access control entry systems perform identification, authorisation and accountability of entities within an organisation.

The security market is saturated with many types of access control entry systems with divergent functions, features and specifications, making it hard for a lot of regular businesses to make an informed decision on which access control entry system to buy into.

Here are 4 key factors to consider when looking into the purchase of an access control entry system:

1. Corporate needs
2. Scalability
3. Technological sophistication
4. Codes and regulations

Corporate needs

The first thing to do will be to have a look at the businesses needs and determine the primary objectives for wanting to install an access control entry system.

Is it to improve security at the premises? Increase accountability? Serve as a time management and attendance system? Or do you have a more bespoke requirement you might want to incorporate?

During your search for an access control system it’s important to consider that a good access control entry system will allow you to modify it to suit your businesses corporate needs and will support other office management functions through seamless integration.


The second factor is the features and scalability of an access control system, this should be given a lot of thought as it’ll determine how far into the future, the chosen access control entry system covers your needs.

High end access control systems can do many things such as managing multiple entry points within a site, within a city or country and access levels can also be set from a control point.

Technological sophistication

A third aspect to consider is the level of technology required across the board as an appropriate access control entry system will factor in accessibility hierarchy.

The key areas of a building require higher security configuration and is typically not accessible by all members of staff. Bio-metric controls such as fingerprint scanners, retinal scanners and voice recognition gadgets are the most successful ways of protecting restricted areas.

Another key factor is integration to other technologies such as video surveillance, telephony systems and exit controls. This guarantees the access control entry system can be fully reflective of your risk management framework.

Codes and regulations

The last thing to consider are the codes and regulations that govern the types of access control systems that can be installed.

Equipment should generally meet the requirements of the British Standard for Electronic access control systems (2015). The installer of your access control entry system will be able to advise you on this.

To summarise, choosing the best access control entry system is hinged on a number of factors. Whilst we’ve outlined a few above its always best to speak with an experienced installer.

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