Hikvision launches ground-breaking face recognition terminals

Hikvision, the worlds largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions have launched a variety of innovative face recognition terminals.

Deep-learning algorithms are embedded within the Hikvision face recognition terminals to enable access control, improve building operations, manage workforce and improve safety operations.

There are three different models of the face recognition terminals available, each one uniquely made and very different in design to suit the various applications and scenarios required.

The details of the three models available are:

• Wall-Mounted Face Recognition Terminal – DS-K1T604MF & DS-K1T606MF
• Base- or Wall-Mounted Face Recognition Terminal – DS-K1T605MF
• Face Recognition Component for Access Turnstile – DS-K5603-Z

Typical of Hikvisions products, the facial recognition terminals are easy to assemble and install and are available in a variety of front-end or back-end combinations to meet a host of setups and environments.

The deep learning algorithms embedded in the face recognitions terminals means there are fewer transmission delays and a reduced load time from backend components. This means that the face recognition terminals have a high success rate, with Hikvision stating that “face capture rate can hit 99% accuracy at less than 0.5 seconds”.

Access turnstiles fitted with Hikvision face recognition terminals can respond in less than half a second, meaning up to 40 people per minute can pass through an access turnstile.

To find out more, visit www.hikvision.com

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