Inception by Inner Range – What you need to know

What is Inception?

Inception by Inner Range was created to allow easy, cost-effective connectivity from any device through its ability to run via a web browser. It is a browser based access control system with an intruder alarm functionality built into it.

Inception is not a cloud based solution as the software is hosted in the Inception controller unit, as it is a browser based system, there is no software to install or licensing costs.

Inception can support and manage up to 32 doors with readers for both entry and exit, also the alarm monitoring functionality can monitor up to 512 detection points. The set-up of the systems universal inputs and outputs means that the system can be used for security monitoring methods, including lighting control, HVAC management, lift control and more.

What can I expect from Inception:

• An optional alarm communicator can be added for dual-path signalling
• Standard RJ45 network cables can be used as well as an optional WiFi adapter
• Internet-based connectivity is very secure as it uses Inner Range’s SkyTunnel functionality
• The inception controller’s internal bus supports up to 8 readers and an expansion port can be used if additional readers are required
• Available to mainstream applications
• Installation and set-up are straightforward tasks
• An Inception dashboard, this provides easy access to everyday tasks such as user management, schedules, time periods and managing permissions (guided tour functionality provides directions)

All in all, we believe that Inception provides an elevated level of performance from it’s competition in the market, whilst retaining the simplicity required by most businesses today, it accommodates most access control needs and the inclusion of alarm monitoring adds value. All this is provided at a competitive price point.

An Antron we take security very seriously, in the light of various findings and the recent security breaches in the media, we are re-enforcing our security with tougher passwords and installing enterprise grade anti-virus to our client’s machines.

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