Integrated security systems provide optimum building security

Providing and maintaining optimal security using integrated security systems is a key part of any business that want to protect their employees and assets.

Whether you are a single commercial building or multi-premises organisation, having a bespoke, technologically advanced integrated security system based on your organisations specific needs is the most reliable way of ensuring your staff and assets security.

Antron Security are a market leading provider of premium security solutions, providing parts, security installations, systems maintenance and servicing to protect small, medium size and large organisations.

Our key aim is to eliminate the ability for unwanted visitors to enter your premises and the local vicinity by handing over an effective integrated security system and risk management system.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, a bespoke integrated security system is the most reliable option when it comes to securing your building and staff, whilst alternative solutions offer extra security, standalone systems are not as effective as integrated security solutions.

As well as providing optimum security, Integrated security systems provide useful information that can be used in numerous ways. Technology can be adopted and adapted to provide enhanced security integration between a wide array of subsystems.

These include:

• Security systems infrastructure, security networks and servers, storage, workstations and control rooms
• Access control and visitor management systems
• Intruder alarm, intruder detection and monitoring
• Intercom systems (video/audio door entry systems)
• CCTV systems, facial recognition and recording
• Object detection, licence plate recognition & people counting
• Lift Integration
• Car park barrier access control
• Third party building control systems, e.g lighting, ventilation and fire systems

For more information on integrated security systems or to discuss your business security needs, please email or call 01923 855 006.


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