NEW Feature Preview: Inner Range Mobile Reader

View and verify cardholder details by simply scanning a user’s access card – It is now possible to view and verify cardholder details by scanning a user’s access card via the Inner Range mobile reader – an Android smartphone application.

Identifying a user
When a user presents a valid card, their details automatically displays on the mobile reader app. The information displayed can be configured from the Integriti server to include user properties of your choice as well as custom fields. By default, the information displayed are the user’s photo, user location, card status and additional user and card information.

Suspending user cards
Security personnel can suspend cards with immediate affect via the mobile reader app. For example, if a user does not match the cardholder photo, security personnel can suspend the card from the application. The suspended card will be unable to provide any access until reactivated via the Integriti server.

Mobile assembly
Mobile readers can be used as a ‘check-in’ reader in cases of emergency by selecting the mustering assembly location and which locations or areas are being evacuated. Multiple mobile readers via multiple Android smart phones can be used collaboratively during an emergency evacuation.

At the ‘check-in’ point, when users present their cards, their location is updated to the muster point. Whilst in muster mode, the mobile reader app records how many users are still within the evacuation areas and the total number of users at muster points.

The level of information found in the mobile reader app, provides emergency services with information that is useful for a focused and timely response. For example, a list of users in a particular area and their last known location. A user can also be searched by name to quickly determine their location.

Features list (as compiled by Inner Range)

User Verification Features:
• Display user photo, user location, card status and additional user and card information
• Display user and card custom fields
• Verify user location against device location
• Suspend user access cards

Muster Features:
• Functions as a “check-in” reader at emergency mustering assembly points
• Supports multi-device coordinated mustering
• Selectable muster location
• Selectable evacuation areas and locations
• Dynamically display the number of users still inside the evacuation area, the number of users at the muster point and the total number of users at all muster points
• Scrollable list of users still inside the evacuation areas and their last know location
• User name search

Application Features:
• Supports username and password login or biometric fingerprint login
• Displayed user and card information is configurable from the Integriti Server
• Areas and locations can be grouped into Location lists for site wide mustering

Compatibility/Requirements – Tab
• Integriti Professional V18.1 or higher
• Android V7.0 Nougat or newer
• Smartphone with NFC capabilities
• Supports Inner Range SIFER and HID MIFARE DESFire© EV1 & EV2 cards.**
• Inner Range Mobile Reader – INTG-996907 is licenced per mobile device connected to the Integriti Server. Connected devices can be managed, activated or deactivated from the Integriti server.

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