Are biometric scanners as reliable as you think?

Considering the unique make up of each individual’s fingerprint, one would think using your fingerprint to secure a device is more reliable than cards, fobs or pin codes.

An experiment undertaken by a Chinese firm discovered a strange but ingenious method to beating biometric – Play-Doh.

Yes we said it, Play-Doh. The popular children’s modelling clay created in 1955 using just a few simple ingredients, flour, salt, boric acid, water and mineral oil.

An individual from the Chinese firm made a mound of his fingerprint by pressing his finger into a piece of Play-Doh in a bid to see if the print on the mould could unlock an iPhone device. To his surprise, when the mould of his fingerprint was held against the scanner of the iPhone, the device unlocked.

This is an interesting but slightly worrying result, the hope is that expensive biometric security systems used to secure buildings, labs, nuclear plants and all other businesses that require high security have installed systems that are more sophisticated and much harder to cheat.

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