Axis research shows that 84% of small businesses video surveillance systems are failing to protect premises

Research carried out by Axis of retail, office and hospitality businesses showed that these businesses needed smarter technology to combat theft and loss as it appears as though legacy systems now provide limited proof of crime.

A survey carried out by Axis revealed that small business owners are looking for video surveillance systems with high resolution images and intelligent features such as remote monitoring. 85% of businesses partaking in this survey stated that high quality images and reliability would be important factors in future investments into video surveillance. The consensus amongst small business owners is that the current surveillance solutions are not viable in providing proof of crime, the research also reveals that new technology is highly sought after to provide the required security levels for their businesses.

Key facts revealed by this survey:
• 70% of businesses state that ease of use of video surveillance solutions is high on the agenda
• 82% of small business owners are considering new video surveillance technology for their premises
• 85% of businesses stated that high quality images are important factors when investing in a video surveillance system

Source details:
This research was carried out between 22/07/16 – 10/08/16 via an online survey. 500 UK business owners who are involved in security purchasing decisions with 1-20 employees took part in the survey.

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