Biometrics becomes more realistic for SMEs due to technology partnership

Many business sectors are growing a liking for Biometric access control, however its take-up by domestic and SME customers has been relatively low.

This is because it is perceived that this type of technology is only cost effective in large scale installations, where data acquisition such as time and attendance data would be factored into the purchase costs.

It appears this is changing, with a recent integration between Ievo Ltd and Texecom, this type of technology should now become more accessible in the domestic and SME markets.

Texecom’s Premier Elite Series of control panels can now be integrated with Ievo biometric fingerprint readers, providing a comprehensive architecture and a range of devices managed by biometric control.

We will most likely see many manufactures in the market taking this step towards creating systems more accessible for the SME and domestic markets, changing the perception of who can have such systems installed, and the costs associated with set up.

If you are an SME and you have previously been put off access control due to the costs associated with installation and maintenance, contact Antron Security on +44 (0)1923 855 006 or email for more information.


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