Is Britain’s CCTV network at risk?

A report into defence against cyber crime has warned that Britain’s growing CCTV network is a possible target for hacking attacks.

Tony Porter, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner raised the issue of there being a risk of intrusion on the public.

He mentioned the major cyber incident in Washington DC that took place in January 2017 where over 100 cameras were infected with ransomware.

Tony Porter said “The risk potential for intrusion on citizens has significantly increased both by lawful operators of surveillance camera systems and those individual or state actors who seek to hack into systems”…..”Cyber security has moved to the top of the security agenda.”

In Mr Porter’s 2016/17 report, Mr Porter recognised that surveillance cameras are typically not recognised as potential hacking targets.

He said “If your camera is not suitably protected you are potentially opening up a back door for organisations that choose to hack.”

The world views Britain as a country that has one of the most extensive networks and the commissioners report suggest it is continuously growing. Research carried out in 2013 estimated the number of camera in the UK to be up to six million.

Mr Porter also raised the sensitivities associated with the police Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, he feels that the system needs to be more transparent and subject to tighter regulations due to the amount of sensitive data it stores.

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