What CCTV owners need to know about GDPR

Over 6 million businesses in the UK use CCTV systems for their security benefits, however the images captured is classified as personal data. Because of this, businesses must comply with the Data Protection Act and from May 2018, the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Under the GDPR legislation CCTV owners must tell people they are taking their personal data, the easiest and most effective way to do this is by placing prominent signs in any areas covered by CCTV. It should be possible to see this signage when entering the area and within the area.

A lot of CCTV cameras are installed discreetly so signage is very important, especially in areas where people do not expect to be under surveillance, a key thing to remember is that signs should be prominent and frequent. An additional benefit to signage is that CCTV signage can act as a deterrent and cost very little to purchase and install. For advice on where to position your signage, visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Signage to-do checklist:

  • – CCTV signage should be visible, readable and contain information about the organisation operating the CCTV system, the purpose of its use and who to contact if there are any queries
  • – The sign should be an appropriate sign for its context, for example if the sign needs to be seen by drivers, then it should be a bigger sign that one that will need to be seen by walking pedestrians
  • – Any signs placed in the public should have details of the authority responsible for the system and all staff should be aware of what to do if contacted by a member of the public about the CCTV system
  • – The positioning of your CCTV camera is very important, you may have a CCTV on site, however it’s positioning may capture images of passers-by, if this is the case, then your CCTV signage should be visible outside the business too
  • – Some areas do not require CCTV systems to be installed, consider carefully the necessity of installing a CCTV camera and whether there are alternative solutions for that location, such as better lighting
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