CCTV Security systems explained

So you are thinking about carrying out a CCTV installation on your premises but don’t know what you need, how it will benefit you, what it does and how to maintain it. Well that is where we come in, we have written this short guide to help you understand the best CCTV security systems for securing your premises today.

What is CCTV?

CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television is a video camera which transmits images from a specific place of interest. These images can be transmitted on a mobile device, monitor or stored. CCTV is mostly used for surveillance in areas that need monitoring such as office buildings, residential properties, shopping centres and banks.

Why install a CCTV security system?

CCTV systems are great for deterring crime on your premises. Should anything unfortunate happen, having a CCTV system installed will increase the chances of the perpetrator getting caught. Having a CCTV system installed can also help you prevent things from happening as you may witness strange things happening in advance.

How do you maintain your CCTV security system?

Installing a CCTV system will provide you with peace of mind, however no matter how expensive, modern and efficient your system, it will deteriorate without maintenance.

It is recommended to let a specialist carry out the maintenance of your CCTV system, the tasks involved would be cleaning of the equipment, checking and cleaning the screens and lenses, parts replacement, testing that the system is working correctly and updating software if required.

Looking for somebody to carry out a CCTV installation?

If you have made the decision to install CCTV, choosing an installer is your next task. If you want your CCTV system to do its job correctly, you must choose a reliable security installer who uses good quality cameras, good installation practices and is qualified to carry out the work.

Antron Security have been providing CCTV installation services since 1990 so if you are looking for a company to carry out your CCTV installation, look no further! Call us today on 01923 855 006.

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