What is Crises-Control? And why Antron Security recommends and supply’s it

Crises-Control is a CIR (Continuity Insurance & Risk) risk management cyber security award-winning platform that hand-carries mass communication alert-based application designed for crisis management and response. This allows an organisation to put their effective disaster recovery plan into a platform that delivers information via multiple channels of communication such as SMS, PUSH, Email and Phone calls. The application puts a business continuity management interface in the event of a crisis.

Crises-Control helps businesses to maintain continuity professionally by ensuring they are prepared for disruption if or when it happens. It is a safe and secure way of sending information to the right people in a crisis and keeping track of who is engaged and orchestrating a quicker business recovery.
It provides ease by delivering business disaster simulation exercises, making them simple to execute. This allows for a team that is responsive and always prepared.

Approaching a Crisis – launch incidents quickly
Crises-Control allows for quick launch and management of pre-defined incidents, notifying the team/individual within your organisation responsible for business continuity management without relying on your IT infrastructure or any other internal resource.

Rapid notifications
Push notifications, emails, phone calls, SMS or a combination can be used to reach your business continuity team, target audience or the individuals responsible, wherever they are in the world. The cloud-based emergency notification platform was designed to be the most robust and reliable in the industry. The App turns your mobile phone into a powerful tool that saves lives, property and continuity of business and allows instant alerting to large groups of recipients when a critical incident occurs.

Data and audit reports
Auditable log-tracking is available via Crises-Control, this information is sent to a central server for post-crisis review and compliance reporting. Reliable, detailed audit reports continuously refines your processes allowing you to deliver the best results.

Keeping your data safe
It is important to consider when implementing a crisis response plan that you manage user records with care.

Crises Control offer DPOs and audit, incident management, and compliance teams a single, unified solution to manage multiple GDPR requirements. The solution supports GDPR compliance, and helps DPOs build a robust data protection and governance framework.

Teams responsible for data protection assurance and compliance can define and test controls, perform audits, and resolve issues that might arise. Powerful reports and dashboards provide comprehensive and real-time visibility into the status of GDPR assurance, enabling the DPO and others responsible for data protection to make informed decisions.

Crises-Control is a BCI Partner, ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant and a complimentary tool for organisations that are BSI 22301 compliant


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