Data (asset) security – in regards to GDPR

Once upon a time, asset security covered the physical assets within an organisation, nowadays one of the most valuable assets within an organisation is the data gathered – ‘Big Data’. In addition to this, the increasing requirements of large organisations for which traceability and transparency is key, presents a responsibility to restrict data and equipment access.

Additionally, with the major changes ahead to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into force in the UK on 25th May 2018 regardless of Brexit, compliance in this area will rely heavily on security. Businesses across all sectors will have to invest in this area to ensure the data they hold is protected from risk.

Access security
Access control technology has advanced significantly over the last few years – keypad entry, video entry and fingerprint readers are all effective methods used in modern access control systems to stop unwanted visitors from entering unauthorised areas. Access control systems store data on individuals who are approved access within a building, making this an area that will need to be looked at when considering GDPR compliance efforts.

CCTV, another effective method of security, requires key considerations regarding the impending GDPR regulation. First of all, there is a legal requirement to publicise the fact CCTV is being used on the premises, therefore adequate warnings needs to be in place in the area. Ensuring you choose equipment from a reputable provider is important to ensure you are not recording and storing images that are substandard. The security of the data recorded must be in a safe, location that has been assessed and set up to avoid data breaches.

Limiting access to asset data and equipment
There are a number of technologies available to assist with protecting equipment and data within a processing environment and prevent unauthorised personnel from gaining access. This is another key part of the impending GDPR regulations.

Protecting your data from loss or theft
From a regulatory point of view, protecting data is very important. Protecting data is something that has always been important to businesses however, the EU’s GDPR is about to bring the biggest change in this area for almost 2 decades. Putting businesses under more scrutiny and an increased duty to protect data, any breaches will result in fines, therefore taking effective measures to avoid this will be crucial. There is also the factor of protecting the intelligence within a building which the ramifications could be terrible if accessed.

The consequences of not fully considering asset security are too serious not to.

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