Five keys signs your organisation is not yet GDPR ready

There are many businesses yet to take GDPR seriously, it’s quite a shame as the repercussions of not taking compliance seriously can be catastrophic.

Despite the fact the clock is ticking, a disturbing 50% of businesses have made no preparations for the GDPR. Meanwhile many other businesses are struggling to understand the EU’s requirements and bring their existing systems into line.

With the GDPR promoting public disclosure of breaches and record fines, its vital you ensure your organisation is GDPR ready.

Top 5 warning signs found in companies that are still not GDPR ready:

1. They have not carried out a complete assessment of their existing security, understanding their strengths and vulnerabilities

2. They’re unsure what data they hold on individuals, where is it and if it is adequately protected

3. They have never detected a data breach within their business – a study by PWC found that 90% of large organisations and 74% of SMEs have been breached in recent years, however 83% of businesses take weeks or more to discover it. The GDPR requires a breach to be reported within 72 hours of it taking place.

4. There is no security expert within the organisation

5. There isn’t a breach response strategy in place. Businesses must be able to demonstrate their ability to respond quickly and effectively in the case of a breach to the relevant Data Protection Authority.

Do any of these signs exist within your organisation? If they do then you are most likely not GDPR ready. For more information visit the EU GDPR official website here



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