The future of the access control industry

The access control industry is amidst a major convergence. The development and supremacy of IP-centric video surveillance technology has taken over the surveillance world of analogue and that migration is quickly infiltrating today’s access control systems.

The attractive nature of network-based technology which has become the underpinning of video surveillance systems is also the hook for IP access control solutions. The capacity to customize an IP-based access control system with an integrated approach using multiple vendors, while maintaining the ability to expand and scale a system to fit a customer’s requirements provides security as well as a sound ROI argument.

As IP-centric access control options increase, the potential for even more dynamic solutions are evolving as IoT capabilities expand. It is this meeting of traditional access control with networked IoT devices that is shaping the future of security, so says many of the industry’s technology experts.

Tony Yaffie, Managing Director at Antron Security Ltd said “the ability to use multiple vendors within one system maximises the potential and capabilities of any one system. At Antron, we’re excited about the growth of IP because it enables us to make our client buildings smarter as well as provide structured wiring which can be advantageous to buildings that exist within a network”.

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