High security in today’s world – physical security and cyber security

We currently live in a world with many uncertainties, and with terror threats in the UK still at ‘Severe’ as well as cyber crime and data security at the top of boardroom agendas, cyber security is just as important as physical measures when it comes to protecting people, premises, information and assets.

A robust security system is what all businesses should aspire to, we advise on the importance of carrying out risk assessments to establish whether your current security solutions are fit for purpose or not. Ideally the result of a risk assessment will tell you that the chances of an attack occurring is ‘very unlikely’ to ‘unlikely’ and the consequences of that attack is minor to non-existent.

Some industries have more needs than others, industries with high security needs are:

  • Healthcare
  • Defence
  • Finance
  • Transport
  • Civil nuclear
  • Communications and Data
  • Chemicals
  • Food chain
  • Emergency services

For example, a financial institution such as a bank is a good example of a facility where attacks could be ‘likely’ and the consequences would be ‘major’ or even ‘disastrous’. The risks for a bank are both physical and cyber in terms of how an intruder may gain access.

A security system that offers features such as access control, lockdown protocols, high-level asset management, personnel tracking, visitor management, incident management and 24/7 technical support is an example of a type of system that would be required in this circumstance.

Encrypted data
To reduce the risks of planned, sophisticated attacks, end-to-end encryption from every controller, keypad and security access point is advised from a security and risk management point of view.

A modern, sophisticated, high security system will facilitate integration with a number of systems and programmes such as CCTV, security turnstiles, lift access, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), building management system, visitor management system, incident management system, personnel tracking and more. This should be possible at one site as well as across many sites, both nationally and globally.

Ensure availability
A fully working, reliable security system is no use during downtime, therefore ensuring an ‘always on’ solution that has the ability to run multiple occurrences of itself at the same time across multiple servers using technology that auto-connects to available servers when necessary is imperative to minimising costs or downtime.

The best security systems come in a modular design, allowing the end user to expand them if they need to. This allows for a single, all-inclusive, inexpensive, fully working and reliable security solution.

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