Hikvision have designed a ‘Thermal Bi-spectrum bullet camera’ with the ability to detect fires before they happen

Hikvision, have launched yet another impressive piece of technology with their new Thermal Bi-spectrum bullet camera with built in advanced fire detection technology.

The new camera, model DS-2TD2615-7/10 camera is cost-effective and will prove beneficial in protecting the immediate perimeter of a building, aiding the fight against property loss and damage.

The cameras deep learning technology uses behavioural analysis to deliver smart alarms in situations such as line crossing, region entrance/exit, intrusion and more.

Features worth boasting:
• Image processing technology combines several image processing and improving technologies to create the best thermal outcome
• NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference), less than 50mK (millikelvin)
• The lower the temperature difference sensed by the camera, the smaller the value thus a better image
• Temperature exception alarm function, allowing a temperature threshold to be set which will trigger an alarm in the event the temperature goes above this pre-set limit
• Clearer image details with optical details overlaid onto thermal images
• High sensitivity, 160 x 120 resolution sensor (output resolution 320 x 240), supports contrast adjustment
• Mirror image, digital zoom x2, x4, x8, and local output
• Strong environmental adaptability, so the camera can detect bad weather or more extreme environments and auto-calibrate to compensate

This new camera is added value to any perimeter security and fire prevention efforts and will mostly be beneficial to critical infrastructures such as airports, railways, prisons and power stations. In addition to this, the camera has been designed with installers in mind, making it convenient to install on a wall, ceiling or stand mounting. It is also small in size, neat and has a stable design, making it aesthetically pleasing.

To enquire about this camera, feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)1923 855 006 or email info@antronsecurity.co.uk.

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