An indispensable feature for workplaces in 2018 – smart features, light and building security

Over the past decade, the demand for electronic building security technology has grown significantly. Part of this growth can be attributed to the positive economic climate in the building industry and an increase in security awareness, therefore making people more willing to spend on security.

Convenience, ease of use and understanding and adequate security levels are all essential requirements for building inhabitants and users of a building security system.

Market data demonstrates that there is a demand for greater security, this information can be found in multiple reports. Tony Yaffie, Managing Director of Antron Security said “there has been an increase in the need for security, we can see this from the number and type of enquiries we are receiving…..there is a need for security in both the private and the public domain”.

Smart building network solutions

Also, many businesses seek increased building security, convenience and comfort and expect this to be the result of a simple installation. However, it is only when the individually installed elements are integrated with each other and with the overall building services network that it becomes a smart building with added value.

The demand for more exists already

Additional values found in integrating individual security consoles and new functionalities are already leading to high demands for integrated security solutions.

For example:
– window and door sensors combined with motion sensors used in burglar-alarm and access-control systems, control heating and lighting according to need
– Heat and smoke ventilation systems can be used to create a sophisticated ventilation concept that is linked to the building automation system via digital bus interfaces
– Remote access to the building fire alarm system via the internet provides preventative maintenance and efficient servicing

Data protection and security

The aim of a building security installation is to protect people and possessions, for this to happen, the security system must function properly at all times. Therefore a building is heavily reliant on the network, particularly in regards to data transfer via insecure IP-networks like the internet.

It is currently consumer concerns obstructing the installations of smart technologies. An analysis carried out by Accenture showed that half of future consumers have reservations about the use of smart technologies, their concerns were with regards to insufficient data protection and cyber intrusion.

Standards and impending changes

There are standards that exist right across Europe and to all manufacturers which can provide secure transmission of data, reliable authentication and protection from cyber attacks. Such standards have always existed in the building and industrial automation trades, however there is a substantial backlog of demand in security technology.

All those involved are clearly making an effort to make the necessary changes to these standards so that as many industry standards as possible contain details of interconnected networks and digitalisation. For example the DIN EN 50132 standards for video surveillance and the recently published draft for DIN 14676 which provides a number of recommendations for the inclusion of wireless smoke alarms, remote monitoring and inspection.

Taking the lead in 2018

All the trends mentioned above is set to become standard in the future of building technologies development. Building automation will merge with electronic security technology to create a hub for integrated building security services engineering.

As a result of this digital revolution, building services management is also changing. The lines between security systems engineering and other trades that use to work independently is becoming increasingly blurred as they find themselves having to work together in the planning, installation and maintenance phase.

To discuss the possibilities for your building security in 2018, give us a call on +44 (0)1923 855 006.

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