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Client application for iPhone

CMS Mobile is a professional client application, which has been developed to run on the iPhone from Apple, Inc. As with previous versions of the application for different devices, the application has all the same features that were now ported over to use the interface and features of the iPhone Operating Systems. Excellent menu design allows quick and easy access to all the functions available in the client application. Dynamic FPS (Frames per Second) between the server and CMS Mobile, allows for high quality video to be streamed live even with limited bandwidth such as EDGE and 3G connectivity.

CMS Mobile Application features:

· Live view from IP and Analog Surveillance cameras
· Controlling on PTZ cameras
· Controlling Inputs and Outputs
· Digital Zoom for megapixel cameras
· Playing back recordings from any camera
· Multi-view with a 9 camera layout

The CMS Mobile application works in conjunction with NetStation (for IP cameras) or NetHybrid (Analog and/or IP cameras) servers.

CMS Mobile for the iPhone can be found on the iPhone AppStore or iTunes.

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