A lift interface Integration project – why, how and the benefits

A look at why, how and the benefits of installing a lift interface at a multi-storey building.

An organisation with a multi-storey building is a prime candidate for a lift interface integration project. Whether it is a commercial or residential building, if it is a multi-tenanted building, safety and security features of the building should be of high importance to the buyers. This could affect sales/rentals or property prices.

There are many features available via an Inner Range lift interface system. As well as the standard security systems capabilities such as smart card access control (limiting access to floors/areas), panic button integration, intruder audit reporting and parking management. Each user’s ability will be dependent on their rights and credentials.

How and the benefits?
Example: If a tenant is located on the 4th floor, the lift will only authorize access to the reception area and the floor which they reside. As long as the individual has their smart access card with them, the lift will automatically detect it, open up, and take the individual to where they need to go without them pressing any buttons, as Inner Range Integriti’s intelligent technology would have been programmed to know where to stop.

Access cards is a smart technology and can be utilised to deliver smart building management. For example when a resident enters a building the lights, heating or air conditioning on the floor they are designated to could be programmed to turn on automatically and set to the desired settings.

The result of a lift interface integration project is a secure and smart building that would appeal to the needs of the luxury buyer market and/or the corporate market.

Research on tenants of buildings with the lift interface found that residents felt confident that their security was adequate so therefore felt safe and secure within the building.


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