Which model…. Service provider driven or self-support? …(Part 2 Of A 5 Part Series)

Most of today’s security service providers provide the full security installation service, this includes parts such as hardware and integrated software, installation, maintenance and service. These types of organisations primarily make their income from the installation and maintenance process as parts and software’s are typically sourced from an external trusted supplier.

The increase of smart buildings has disrupted this model somewhat as it puts building managers in charge of managing their buildings data, this means that busy facility managers will have to take on more responsibilities as well as possible undertake some training in order to do so effectively. This model is less capital-intensive, however provides limitations to the building itself, these limits will be based on the facility managers knowledge. One things for sure, data analytics is a captivating offer.

Traditional building vendors are now delivering these data-driven capabilities regardless of the size and type of building, clued up vendors are able to provide businesses with data-driven security solutions.
It’s also still possible to have a security vendor in the background supporting less smart security service offerings.

It is currently unclear whether building owners/managers/operators prefer technology-enabled services or software they manage on their own. One thing is clear, the market is certainly intrigued by the capabilities of data driven technology-enabled solutions, driving manufacturers to create hardware and software to facilitate this shift, time will tell what the factors are in the uptake of this type of technology and who is taking it on.

Look out for part 3 “What’s best… one of cost or recurring software service costs”

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