Remote surveillance – why your CCTV system is inoperable without it

Remote surveillance is a huge benefit and advancement on your standard CCTV camera system providing round the clock monitoring and protection.

Outside of a live CCTV monitoring environment activity on your site can be picked up via your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC from where ever you are, where you’ll be able to take action such as alerting the police, a security professional or carry out your security breach handling process.

Remote surveillance is suitable for both commercial and residential properties, have a look at our comprehensive list of benefits of installing a remote surveillance CCTV system.

1. Makes sense financially
Being able to remotely monitor your premises can provide financial savings by eliminating the need for a physical presence on your premises. Whilst having a security guard present for many hours can be effective, it would take a large number of security personnel to allow you to cover multiple areas of a building or grounds. Your remote surveillance system allows for alerts to any signs of movement, which will allow you or the individual responsible to take action.

2. Allows for proactive and responsive approach
Regular CCTV systems provide little to no assistance in your reaction to an intrusion, whilst a remote surveillance system allows for a rapid response time thus boosting the likelihood of the criminals bring apprehended.

3. Peace of mind
Depending on the remote surveillance service you have, it is possible to have 24/7 remote monitoring from businesses or individuals who are well trained in analysing, responding and controlling CCTV equipment.

4. Enhance security and deter criminals
Very often the mere presence of a CCTV camera is enough to discourage potential intruders from entering a property. Depending on the type of remote surveillance system you are using, it may be possible to communicate directly with the would-be criminals via a loudspeaker, this is an additional effective deterrent.

5. Improved reliability
As a remote surveillance CCTV system is capable of being controlled by personnel, it is possible to adjust the view and zoom positions to get the best possible footage. This will provide clearer visual evidence of an intruders presence, making identification easier in the event of a break-in.

6. Convenience
One of the biggest conveniences of remote surveillance is the ability to view footage from afar, all you’ll need is a good internet connection to access the footage on your remote surveillance system, making this method incredibly convenient.


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