Security and access control

Security is an important aspect of building management, and access control should be a key element in ensuring the safety of a buildings inhabitants and its assets.

Access control security is the process of ensuring that only an authenticated user accesses what they are authorised to and no more.

The sad news is that unfortunately security is rarely at the top of people’s agenda. ‘Mitnick and Simon 2002’ points out that in security the human factor is the weakest link. Security is sadly often an illusion that can be made worse when gullibility, naivity or ignorance comes into play. This element can be mitigated or eliminated when the technology factor works hand in hand with people. Access control in this case, is an appropriate starting point.

Authentication and authorization when securing with access control

Authentication is the process of determining the identity of a user and of the host they are using. The 1st goal is to verify the user and whether or how they can interact with the system in question. The second goal is to gather information on the way the user is accessing the system.

Typical methods used in access control to identify a client are:
• User ID and password
• Physical security device – i.e. card or fob
• Biometric identification – science of identifying based on physical characteristics

Authorisation is the act of determining the level of access that an authorised user has regarding behaviour and data. This contains many layers. Several things need to be taken into account such as issues, database implementation strategies, object-orientated implementation strategies and implications.

Words of advice when securing with access control
1. Design your access control around your actual requirements
2. No security approach is fool proof so ensure the people element is fool proof by providing training, monitoring and procedures for eventualities
3. Setup individuals with only the access they need
4. Limit permissions to a small amount of people
5. At the bare minimum, adopt industry standards

How can we help with access control?

We actively work with clients around the UK, mainly London and surrounding areas to improve their security using technology. A full description of the services we offer can be found on our security services page. To contact us call +44 (0)1923 855 006 or email your enquiry to

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