Security Risk Assessment – Is your building vulnerable?

There are many buildings in the UK that have security vulnerabilities. Those without any security systems in place are most at risk of unwanted visitors, even with a security system in place there is still a potential risk to your company employees, assets, and or intellectual property. Therefore it is important to put assurances in place to minimise the effects should something negative occur.

We have put together a security assessment, if you cannot answer yes to the majority of these question, we would advise that you give us a call on +44 (0)1923 855 006 to discuss your current circumstances and find out if there is anything we can offer to provide you with a safer, more secure environment.

1. Does your building have entries that are open to the public?
2. Does your building currently have an alarm system?
3. Is there sufficient lighting after dark to deter criminal activity?
4. Is your building in a secluded environment?
5. Is there physical security personnel at your premises?
6. Does your building use key fobs as a way of entry?
7. Is there an access control system installed at your premises?

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