Security systems installation for commercial buildings

Antron Security can support your organisation at any level. From single site to multi-site installations, as well as standalone installations all the way through to fully integrated security systems installations.

The aim of all security system installations, no matter the size of the building or the number of systems installed, should be seamless integration across all facets of the systems in operation. In order to achieve this, Antron Security take a system-based approach which takes into consideration all the requirements of the client, their assets and where people in the building are located.

Antron Security’s system-based approach consists of:
1. Perimeter Security
2. Restricted Access
3. Attacks Avoidance
4. Visitor Management
5. CCTV Surveillance

Security Systems Installation – Integration
Maximising security systems through integration is required to achieve optimum security for your commercial building.

Security systems integration can bring together access control, CCTV, intruder systems and related sub-systems, to ensure that their effectiveness and productivity is optimised.

An integrated security system also ensures that all resources are utilised to their fullest when an incident occurs and archives the vital data needed when post-incident investigations and follow-up audits are made.

A key component of business security
Installing a fully integrated security system provides data-handling capacities which in today’s networked world, permits centralised control and monitoring of small single sites and large commercial buildings. It also allows for multi-site security systems management (including internationally).

Some businesses believe it is more cost effective to have a physical security guard at their commercial premises than to install a fully integrated security system, however remote monitoring allows for controlled monitoring outside business hours and usually provides greater vigilance and lower costs than security guards.

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