The Surveillance Camera Commissioner has launched National Surveillance Camera Strategy for England and Wales

The new National Surveillance Camera Strategy aims to provide direction and leadership for the surveillance camera community.

On the 14th March 2017, Tony Porter, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner launched a national surveillance camera strategy for England and Wales, to keep the civilians safe in public places whilst respecting their right to privacy.

This new strategy aims to provide methods and management in the surveillance camera community in order to enable system operators to learn and implement moral and best practices and their legal obligations (such as those stated in the Protection of Freedoms Act, Data Protection Act and Private Security Industry Act).

It is the commissioners vision to ensure that all use of surveillance camera in public places helps protect and keep the public safe whilst respecting people’s rights to privacy.

This strategy bring into line the Home Office responsibilities to keep the UK safe from acts of terrorism and reduce and prevent crime whilst ensuring people feel safe in their homes and communities.

The strategy will leave the commissioner with a robust and transparent framework, which will fulfil his statutory functions as set out in the Protection of Freedoms Act, informing his annual report to the Home Secretary.

For more information on the new National Surveillance Camera Strategy for England and Wales, please visit GOV.UK

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