Tips to keep your home safe from the burglar

These days a lot of our homes are full of expensive gadgets, laptops, jewellery and must-have items so ensuring your home is secure should be a top priority.

To ensure thieves do not succeed at committing a burglary at your home, here are 10 tips to beat the burglar.


One of the most effective methods of preventing a burglary is by having deterrence on your premises. Products such as CCTV, motion sensor flood-lights or leaving a light on when out can help deter criminals from your premises.

Secure your home

Criminals know how to find the vulnerable areas on your premises so be careful not to leave windows and doors open. Even a small gap on the window can be used as a method of opening the window so ensure you do not have any cabling running through windows and windows are properly shut and locked.

Don’t publicise your home on social media

With many of us using social media as a means of telling our life story, study has found that social media has become a tool for criminals to scout potential targets. Uploading images of yourself on holiday notifies criminals of the fact your home may be empty. Uploading images of expensive goods could let criminals know there are pricey goods in your premises and allow them to write their shopping list just by looking on your profile. Be careful what you post on social media!

Have you checked your windows recently?

Government statistics show 30% of burglaries happen through a window. Ensuring your window closes tightly and securely could increase the security of your premises significantly.

Are you inviting the burglars over?

When going away, things like cancelling the milk and newspaper subscription are a good idea. A pile up of milk and newspapers outside your home will make passersby aware that nobody has been at your property for a while.

Also do not leave long descriptive messages on your answering machine letting the world know that you will not be at home for a while.

If you have light timers, make use of them while away, to give the impression you are home.

Leaving a key for somebody?

Burglars are experts at finding hidden keys so if you need to hide a spare key, places like under the mat, flower pot, above the door ledges or under something portable is not a good idea. Instead leave the spare key with a friend or neighbour you can trust.

Have an intruder alarm system installed?

There are many homes in the UK with alarm systems set up, however most people do not set them.  Alarm systems are there to protect your home so when you’re out, make sure yours is on.

Antron Security offers a range of security solutions to protect your home and keep you safe from intruders. Products such as an access control system, intruder alarms, remote video surveillance, CCTV and door entry systems can make a big difference. Give us a call today on 01923 855 006 for information on our security products and services. You might as well – its free!

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