Trend for networked systems and digitalisation

There has been an increase in raising awareness to the importance of installing suitable safety which has led to security measures rising. This is shown by the current turnover figures; published by the safety and security division of the Association of the German Electrical and Electronics industry.

It is evident that electronic safety and security equipment is rising (sales increased by 7.4 percent to 3.3 billion). A year later, sales continued to increase. Examples such as video surveillance, fire alarms and access control all grew in numbers which was reported by The Association. Integrating these various trades sets the future for electronic surveillance and safety and security technology.

On the contrary, money spent on safety and security is often seen as expenditure. As a result, companies or private households may be reticent to invest in such safety and security. On the other hand, for tradespeople for example, such expenditure could be worth it. There are different requirements to different businesses. For example, in a retail shop, the business’ primary concern would be the prevention of theft and attack. This is just one example which emphasises the demand for flexible systems such as Security alarm systems in office buildings.

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