Will fingerprint readers make it into home security systems?

A UK based security solutions organisation Ievo is targeting the domestic security market after partnering with another UK based intruder alarm company.

It’s possible that State-of-the-art fingerprint readers could soon be making their way into the homes of many thanks to a collaboration between 2 UK based security solutions providers, a biometrics firm and an intruder alarm company.

The consensus is that biometric technology is futuristic and only affordable to large organisations, however organisations such as Levo and Texecom are making biometric technology available to the home security market, also making it affordable to small businesses and members of the public.

The idea is to integrate the fingerprint reader with your alarm system so that your intruder alarm can be turned on and off using your fingerprint.

The mix of fingerprint technology with intruder alarm systems adds convenience as well as enhanced security. Methods like numeric code pin and fobs are vulnerable to being forgotten, lost or stolen, however a fingerprint is unique and can only belong to the authorised user, therefore that user is the only person who can set or disable the alarm and its supporting components.

Would you consider this technology in your home?

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