Be proactive with your building security system

Most businesses install a security solution that they feel best protects their premises, however after installation, forget to take the next step to ensuring their security system is working to its optimum performance. In fact, many organisations are unaware when their security system experiences downtime as they don’t have a dedicated service ensuring everything is constantly working as it should be.

There are many things that can lead to system downtime, i.e. component failure or deterioration, broadband or Wi-Fi unreliability, disconnected wires, camera lens damage and more.

A lot of businesses prefer to skip proactive maintenance and instead pay for an engineer’s time, making their business reactive instead of proactive. A major downside to this method is that one bad component can affect your entire security system and it could take days or weeks to replace or fix a component.

A service and maintenance contract with Antron Security helps to ensure your security system receives regular inspections, tune-ups and servicing to components and software. Giving your security system longevity as well as reliability.

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