Rule Based Access Control (RBAC) – what is it?

Rule Based Access Control (RBAC) allows system owners to personalise the type of access a user has based on their role within an organisation.

Users can be grouped into roles based on their responsibilities within an organisation as this generally determines their system access needs. Access is then granted to each user based on the access requirements established for each role. If strict access requirements are set out for each role, access management will be easy to manage.

Benefits of RBAC:
• Reduce administrative and IT support work
• Improve safety and security
• Improve compliance
• Granular visibility
• User can only access what they need
• Gain valuable bandwidth

Access is very important in todays world of on-demand availability. Access control should be installed and set up to have no interference with user behaviour whilst providing the secure controls a business needs.

What to look for when looking into Access Control Systems:
• Compatibility with third-party hardware
• Ability to integrate with security systems
• Modern modes of communication such as cloud/mobile access and the Internet of  Things (IoT)
• Wireless and wire-based technologies such as Bluetooth,Nfc, RFID, PoE and more
• Support multiple authentications input methods, such as key fobs, cards, mobile apps, passwords, biometrics, two-factor authentication and more
• The latest end-to-end data encryption
• Easy to use and configure
• Configurable features

Why you should have access control at your premises:
• Ability to monitor who is entering and leaving your building
• No more lost keys
• Increase safety
• Improve health and safety
• Reduce likelihood of theft, accidents and unwanted visitors
• Manage footfall
• Save energy and money
• Multi location access

If you are interested in installing access control at your business premises, please give Antron Security a call on +44 (0)1923 855 006 or email

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