The importance of an access control system

The capabilities of a modern access control system can not only help you control who gets in and out of your building but also assists with health and safety, as well as HR activities. Access control installation can increase efficiency within an organisation.

An access control system can do the following:

  • Assist with payroll
  • Secure a building
  • Reduce costs
  • Go green
  • Control car parks

Assist with payroll

In the past staff attendance records would’ve had to be entered into the system manually to process payroll, an access control system eliminates this process as the data can be collected, stored and imported into your payroll system. This is especially beneficial to large companies and can save a lot of time, money and eliminate errors.

Secure a building

Limiting access to the building means, only those who have been provided with the access pass will be able to let themselves into the building. This means that the building is more secure as unauthorised visitors are unable to enter.

Access control can also be used to limit the areas which can be accessed within a building. For example, an employee may beable to enter the building, but will be unable to enter the gym because they do not have a gym membership.

In multi occupancy buildings where there are multiple floors, some people’s access may be restricted to certain floors or particular areas of the building.

An access control system can also take into account, the day and time, therefore a person’s access can be restricted to certain days and hours of the week.

Reduce costs

An access control system can cut costs by allowing companies to save money on printing and photocopying ID. As the pass holds the owner’s details, they will simply be able to present the pass to the reader and their information will come up.

This also saves time and eliminates the need for storage and getting rid of documents as well as helping to maintain data protection for those who come into the building.

There are various other areas which an access control system can help a business reduce its cost and save time.

Go green

Installing an access control system, can cut your energy bill and therefore your carbon emissions.

This can be done by installing the access control system to exchange data with the building management system. As an access control system knows which parts of the building are occupied, it is able to exchange information with the building management system so it can automatically turn off unnecessary lighting and heating in unoccupied areas.

Control car parks

An access control system can control who enters and exits a car park as well as count how many cars have entered the car parks so that further cars are banned from entering.


Modern access control systems have a lot to offer, there is all the above and plenty more.

Antron Security has installed access control systems since 1990, and should you decide to choose us to install your system you can rest assured that you are safe hands.

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