The UK government is considering a regulator as part of it’s new legislation to govern the internet

The UK government has previously said they will publish a white paper in the coming months detailing its proposals for the governing of the internet.

There is currently a lot of speculation regarding the contents of the white paper and how the government plans to regulate the internet.

It has been said that the white paper will propose a regulatory body. The equivalent of Ofcom, who regulates broadcasters and telecoms companies.

It has also been said that Legislation is currently being drafted by the Home Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to create a regulatory framework of online “social harms”.

We could see:
• The introduction of a mandatory code of practice for social media platforms to impose rules such as forcing websites to remove hate speech before a set timeframe or face penalties
• Age verification for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users
• Sanctions on social media platforms that fail to remove terrorist content, child abuse images or hate speech
• A crackdown on adverts for unhealthy food and soft drink products
…….and more.

Although speculation, the idea of an internet regulator makes sense due to the amount of involvement the internet has in our daily lives. We shall wait to hear more when the new proposals are put out for consultation.

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