Why access control is key to every commercial building

If you have not got access control installed at your building, then your building is most likely being secured using keys. Business owners and trusted employees will typically be amongst the few who are authorised to have a key. So what happens if an individual leaves the company or loses their keys.

If there are a number of people coming in and going out of a building – how do you manage what parts of the building they are accessing with a key based access system?

Standard keys are difficult to keep track of and could pose a risk to the building if misplaced or copied by an employee. The cost of access control is significantly higher than standard keys – do you choose the more sophisticated, expensive, reliable option or go for the low cost, risky option?

Another way keys can get into the wrong hands is when an employee leaves a company without returning their keys – which would pose a threat to the security of those within the building.

If keys are swapped for a smarter, more sophisticated method of entry such as access control, all keys related security issues would be resolved.

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